Eva paints with oil pastels
Oil pastel

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First paintings with oil pastels:

Seerosen Chrysanthemen Christrose
Waterlilies. Chrysanthemum bush. Christmas rose.
Rose, free after a photo posted by Lin (Oldchickrock) in the oil pastel channel of the WetCanvas Forums.
Seerosen Fjord Hundertwasserhaus
Waterfal, free after a photo posted by Oggi in the forum Paint my Photo. Norwegian fjord, free after a photo of Michael David Hill (Wiki Commoons). Please click for more license informations. Hundertwasser building (Waldspirale) in Darmstadt, in free interpretation.
Waldsee Schnecke Nutria
Some forrest pond. Snail, very free after a photo from the reference image library of the wetcanvas forums. Coypu (nutria), free after a photo of MaLu offered in the PaintMyPhoto forum.
A blackcap.