Eva paints with pastels, watercolor and charcoal
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Welcome to the homepage
of the amateur artist Eva Herrmann from Darmstadt, Germany!

General information.

On the following pages, I present a selection of my paintings that have been drawn recently.

I love to draw and paint as recreation after my fully packed working hours. My favorite media are watercolor, soft pastels and pastel pencils as well as oil pastels. I like to try different techniques: typically I paint naturalistic but occasionally I also experiment with different styles.

I am pleased at your interest and hope you enjoy viewing the paintings in the different categories!

By the way, the indiviudal images can be seen in higher resolution and with some more information after clicking on the small images in the overview pages.

In some pastels, you can also follow the progress of painting, for example in the painting of the four guinea pigs.

Unless noted otherwise, the full copyright of the files and paintings belong to Eva Herrmann.


Recently, I added an oil pastel of a blackcap, a pastel painting summer in spain and a drawing of a cocker, a drawing with watersoluble pencils of two little mice and a pastel painting of a beach with herring gulls.